Black Dynamic

Cars with entry levels of electrical equipment may need less battery power, but they still demand superior starting, consistent performance and absolute reliability. And that's exactly what you get with BLACK dynamic, a tried and trusted value-for-money choice.

Key benefits
• Designed for vehicles with less complex power demands
• 100% cold cranking power
• PowerFrame® technology for exceptional performance
• Meets OE requirements

The Blue Top

Looking for a solid all-rounder? Look to BLUE dynamic. Our best-selling replacements parts battery meets OE specifications, delivers best-in-class starting power and cold start performance, and has a large load capacity. This high quality product is ideal for vehicles of every class.

Key benefits
• Designed for vehicles of all classes
• Optimal cold cranking power up to 110% compared to conventional batteries
• PowerFrame® technology
• Meets OE requirements

The Silver Top

Silver Dynamic High-performance, highly equipped vehicles require the greatest demands from their battery. That's where our SILVER dynamic battery excels. Ultra reliable, it meets or exceeds all OE requirements, has exceptionally high reserve capacity and superb cold start performance. In short, this is a premium lead-acid SLI battery that always delivers.

Key benefits
• Designed for high-performance vehicles with extremely high power demands
• Exceptional cold cranking power up to 122%
• PowerFrame® technology for exceptional performance
• Exceeds OE requirements

Start- Stop VARTA

The latest technology for entry-level Start-Stop vehicles. When it comes to Start-Stop vehicles, entry level doesn't mean basic. Which is why our VARTA® Start-Stop battery provides extraordinary levels of reliability, battery life and consistency in performance. With this battery's optimised EFB technology you get dependable energy, every single day.

Key benefits
• Specifically designed for cars with entry-level Start-Stop functionality
• Optimal cold cranking power up to 115%
• 2 x higher levels of cyclic endurance than conventional batteries
• State-of-the-art EFB technology developed to meet OE requirements
• High deep discharge capability
• PowerFrame® technology for exceptional performance